Wooden Elephant with Blanket

There’s something mysterious and exotic about Safari. It’s an unforgettable, unique experience. You can expect awe-inspiring wildlife and spectacular scenery. We feel (and hope you’ll agree), that our wooden safari animals capture the many wonders of these exotic animals in all their majestic glory!

Which safari animals are available?

A quick browse of the safari animals on our web site will reveal a stunning selection. There’s giraffes, zebras, lions and elephants. All these animals are carved in wood, by hand by skilled artisans.

Wooden giraffes and zebra

Wooden Giraffes and ZebrasOur range of wooden giraffes are particularly popular with our customers. All our giraffes are hand carved from sustainable albesia wood. They are crafted by a family in Bali, Indonesia who we have been working with for several years. Single giraffes are available in traditional painted finish. However, for those who appreciate a vibrant colour pallet, our painted giraffes are stunning!

Similarly, our zebras are also hand carved using sustainable albesia wood. They are then meticulously hand painted with the trademark black and white stripes. Additionally, alongside our single standing zebras (available in a range of sizes), you’ll also find a zebra family. We also have an incredible range of ‘lying’ zebras, beautifully captured in this relaxed pose by the artist.

Elephants & Lions

Hand Carved Lion Head

Our range of elephants features pieces skilfully hand carved using suar wood. These pieces feature spectacular detail. In addition, there’s a wonderful elephant and baby carving. This carving is a beautiful representation of parental bond in the animal kingdom.

When exploring our range of safari animals, you’ll find it hard to miss our hand carved lion head in all its regal glory! This fascinating piece is made using parasite wood.

So why are safari animals so popular?

Majestic Safari Animals - ElephantOur range of safari animals, and in particular our wooden giraffes, are incredibly popular with our customers. For some they may be reminiscent of a wildlife adventure. However for others, they may represent a yet unfulfilled dream. Whilst for many, the appeal is simply a love of the great outdoors and an appreciation of the majestic nature of these stunning safari animals.

All our wood carvings are hand crafted by skilled artisans. They are beautiful, high quality, solid pieces of art. As always, you can also be assured that they are all fair trade pieces.

And finally…

Elephant with BabyIf you’re keen to bring the wonders of the great outdoors into your living space, why not pay a visit to our Blakemere shop.  Discover a fabulous selection of safari life on display. Or alternatively, you can find all these gorgeous wooden animals (and more) online in the Safari Animals section of our web site.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the wonders of safari with us. If you have any comments, questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

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