Hand Crafted, Fair Trade Christmas Gift Ideas

It may be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but it’s also an incredibly busy time of year. Consequently the additional demands of the Festive Season (in particular present buying) can be a joy for some and a chore for others! Whichever camp you find yourself in, the good news is that we’ve got […]

Side Tables With The ‘Wow’ Factor…

Customers of Fairtrade Lifestyle expect to discover a plethora of unusual, hand crafted fair trade gems. Our fabulous range of Book Stack Side Tables could never disappoint in this respect! They are the perfect example of stylish individuality. They ooze rustic charm. In other words they represent all that is special about solid wood occasional […]

Stunning Teak Furniture and Homeware Accessories

Fairtrade Lifestyle is perhaps best known for our eclectic mix of hand crated, unusual items. So it’s unsurprising that when we shine the spotlight on our teak range, you find items that ooze style and individuality. You’ll discover these fair trade gems in both our furniture ranges and our homeware accessories.   Drum roll please! […]

Stunning Hand carved Wooden Figures

Our range of abstract wooden figures celebrates relationships. They are beautifully hand crafted sculptures, made in Bali, Indonesia. Throughout the range, the artist vividly captures beautiful expressions of love in its many forms. Why are they so popular? First and foremost, they epitomise the joy of human relationships. The bond between mother and baby, the […]

Fair Trade Owls that turn heads…

Owls have enjoyed huge popularity in the last few years – immortalised in greetings cards, wall art, jewellery charms, children’s room accessories etc. etc. In fact, the list is endless! Not one for missing an opportunity, we have our own collection of fabulous fair trade owl gifts and accessories. So why are Owls so popular? […]

Show-Stopping Wooden Ducks

A show-stopping wooden duck…really? Well you’d be amazed how popular our range of bamboo root ducks are! Aside from being meticulously hand crafted carvings, they ooze character and personality. They’re fun and quirky. They make brilliant gifts. Moreover, they’re available in lots of different shapes, sizes, and forms. Ducks with personality There’s something about wooden […]

Majestic Safari Animals Immortalised In Wooden Form

There’s something mysterious and exotic about Safari. It’s an unforgettable, unique experience. You can expect awe-inspiring wildlife and spectacular scenery. We feel (and hope you’ll agree), that our wooden safari animals capture the many wonders of these exotic animals in all their majestic glory! Which safari animals are available? A quick browse of the safari […]

Rattan Lighting that oozes character and natural charm

The way we light our living spaces makes such a huge difference to the feel of a room – the ambience, the cosiness, the warmth! Arguably it’s one of the most important aspects of interior design. The style, the textures in the materials, the colours and the bulbs we choose all contribute to the personality […]

Eco friendly rubberwood furniture harvested from a renewable source

If you’re in the market for some eco friendly rubberwood furniture such as a side table, dining table, console table or other item of solid wood occasional furniture, then we hope you’ll make Fairtrade Lifestyle your first stop! Of course we want to sell our furniture to you, but our motivation goes far beyond that! […]

Fairtrade side tables with a ‘twist’

Without exception, visitors to our Cheshire store are drawn to our range of unusual fair trade side tables in the form of twisted infinity stools. Why? Because they’re beautifully designed and incredibly stylish…yes! But perhaps most significantly, they’re different! Which then begs the question – are we all fed up or disillusioned with the mass […]