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  •  Round Rattan top cut Floor Lamp - 100cm
    This 100cm floor lamp is a charming example of skilled, handcrafted workmanship. Made using the fabulous natural textures of rattan and set against a stylish cream cloth, this fair trade gem is a wonderful addition to dining and living rooms, and conservatories and garden rooms. Ethically sour..
    Ex Tax: £60.42
  • Cut Bamboo Shield Lamp - 100cm
    Standing at 100cm, this gorgeous handcrafted floor lamp finished with bamboo root strips exudes a ‘natural’ presence. At home in a variety of settings from dining, to living, to conservatory, its neutral form allows it to effortlessly blend with a diverse choice of décor. Ethically sourced fai..
    Ex Tax: £48.33
  • Dot Painted Red Cylinder Floor Lamp - 100cm
    Standing at 100cm tall, this stylish floor lamp features a contemporary dot motif that creates an instant impact against its striking red backdrop. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, it’s the perfect solution for adding a splash of colour and a modern twist to any room setting. Ethically source..
    Ex Tax: £61.66
  • Flat Rattan & Wicker Full Circle Floor Lamp - 100cm
    Part of a family of three coordinating fair trade lamps, this 100cm floor lamp is skilfully handcrafted using natural materials. A neutral cloth sits in the background, which is elegantly adorned with the fabulous textures of rattan and woven wicker. Ethically sourced fair trade handcrafted la..
    Ex Tax: £35.83 £43.00 £72.50
  • Flat Rattan & Wicker Half Circle Lamp - 100cm
    The wonderful natural textures of this 100cm floor lamp combined with its subtle tints and hues strikes you on first impact. Inset with a stylish semicircle design, the handcrafted nature of this ‘beauty’ creates an air of individuality and charm.  Ethically sourced fair trade handcrafted..
    Ex Tax: £60.42
  • Flat Woven Wicker Wiggle Floor Lamp - 100cm
    There’s a fabulous warm glow that permeates the wonderful natural materials inherent in this 100cm floor lamp. Handcrafted from woven rattan and set against a backdrop of neutral cloth, it makes a stunning addition to living areas and is a particular favourite for conservatories and garden rooms. ..
    Ex Tax: £35.83 £43.00 £72.50
  • Natural Bali Rattan and Grass Onion Lamp - 100cm
    We simply adore our range of ‘Onion Lamps’. They ooze character and natural charm. The warmth of the light that exudes from the base creates a lovely, inviting glow, and the wonderful array of natural grass that stands tall adds texture and depth to its form. This particular beauty is handcrafted fr..
    Ex Tax: £24.99
  • Oval Rattan & Wicker Floor Lamp - 100cm
    The subtle curves of this 100cm floor lamp soften its look against the more rustic features of its fabulous natural textures. Handcrafted from rattan and woven wicker with a neutral cloth backdrop, it makes a stylish addition to a variety of room settings including dining, living and conservatories...
    Ex Tax: £60.42
  • Oval Rattan & Wicker Floor Lamp - 150cm
    Standing at 150cm, this is the tallest of a set of three matching fair trade lamps. Meticulously handcrafted using natural materials, it features a wonderful contrast between the straight lines of the rattan and the more random charms of the woven wicker. Ethically sourced fair trade handcraft..
    Ex Tax: £87.50
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